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with more names and if possible the dates they were on the staff

Organisers    Not in chronological order 1957 - 1973

Ted Dobbs

Robyn McDonald

John Sinclair

John Nutting

Ken Bagnall

Annette Doyle (Kirkwood)

Anne Rothwell

Carla de Vos,  

Alyson Madsen (Littleton)

Cheryl Harvey (Cover)

Peter Long

Peter Arnold

Ross Chapman

Jim Hales (peviously Tasmanian RY staff)

Brian Hayles or Brian Hales (deceased)

Peter Barnes

Joseph Ng  

Keith Wingate

David Elson

Gerard Langevaed

John Holberton

Organisers    Not in chronological order 1946 - 1956

Tommy Williams  who started it all by forming clubs but no  state level organisation

Followed by

John Park who set up the actual Queensland Junior Farmers Organisation around 1953

Gordon Lilley

Cliff Thorogood

Tom Sharman