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People keep asking us "What ever happened to ......?" Now is your chance to tell them.

We would love you to share your story in 50 - 150 -200  words  or more?

Just e-mail it to us   

or post your story to

Rural Youth History Project

PO Box 133

Bald Hills Q 4036     and we’ll add it to this page.


What was the name of your Club or clubs?  Was it JF or RY or both?

What years were yo a member ?

Where in the World are you now?

How did you get there?

What have you been doing over the past 40-60 years?

What was the one thing more than anything else that you gained as a member of JF or RY?

Pictures as well as words are even better.

Please let's have your story

PS A word of caution. Whatever goes on the Internet is seen by people all over the world. It will be far more public than if it was in a newspaper and it will stay there week after week, year after year unless you ask us to remove it. Try not to write anything you would not want your parents or family members to read.

For the same reason do not include any personal data such as your contact details or address. Just your town or club name is OK. Better not to include your phone number and definitely no names of children and grand-children.