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Active Internet based Rural Youth Groups Around the World

Australia Wide Facebook site for Young Farmers and Rural Youth.

There is already an Australia wide  JF - RY group on Facebook

It may not be quite what ex-members are looking for but please pass this on to the younger generation.!/group.php?gid=4471995759

Same address but unlinked (for copying)!/group.php?gid=4471995759

Rural Youth Tasmania

West Australia



Why isn’t  Queensland here?

Australia wide Future Farmers

ABC sponsored Rural youth website

New Zealand

Over 2000 members in 2010

United Kingdom - National Federation of Young Farmers

A nationwide body of 662 Young Farmers’ Clubs (YFCs) in England and Wales dedicated to supporting young people in agriculture and the countryside.

YFC 2010: Travel scholarship to NZ

Sunday 25 April 2010

An exciting new travel scholarship offering a young British farmer a chance to work in New Zealand has been unveiled at the Young Farmers AGM in Torquay.

The first YFC scholar will travel abroad later this year and spend up to a month gaining hands-on experience of sheep farms, plus have the opportunity to travel in the 'land of the white cloud'.

The scholarship, provided by Novartis Animal Health, was dubbed by NFYFC operations manager James Eckley as “an amazing opportunity to travel to the heart of the world’s sheep industry and bring back practical know-how to improve production here”.

Scottish Young Farmers Clubs

Ulster Young Farmers   50 clubs   2,500 members

Germany -  Bund der Deutschen Landjugend (BDL)   (This site has English translations)

Austria Landjugend

Juenes Agriculteurs FRANCE


Italy -AGIA Associazione Giovani Imprenditori Agricoli




Slovenian Rural Youth Association

Russian Young Farmers

European Rural Youth Forum

European Young Farmers Facebook Link

Rural Youth Type Organisations in Asia  - A study

Young Farmers  Europe CEJA  

Conseil Europeen Juene Agricultuers

CEJA is the European voice for young farmers, today consisting of 22 member organisations from the 15 EU Member States and 6 associated members from Cyprus, Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria and Slovenia which together makes a total of around one million young farmers in Europe. They have a powerful political voice in the EU

International Federation of Agricultural Producers IFAP

 Young Farmers Committee - World Congress of Young Farmers

10 young Aussie farmers bound for South America

25 June 2007

TEN young farmers have been selected to represent Australia at the World Congress of Young Farmers in Argentina next month, then embark on a Study Tour of Argentina and Brazil.

In coordinating both events, the National Farmers’ Federation (NFF) chose from over 100 applicants, all keen to join the Australian delegation to the International Federation of Agricultural Producers’ (IFAP) 2nd World Congress of Young Farmers, over 26-28 July 2007.

Australia’s delegates – aged between 25 and 34 – were chosen from high-calibre nominations, representing a cross-section of commodities and States (see Biographies at ‘Attachment A’ below):

    * 3 delegates, from Narrabri, Cumnock and Bentley, in NSW,

    * 2 delegates, from Emerald and Toombul, in Queensland (but they were not members of Rural Youth because there was no Rural Youth in Queensland active in 2007

    * 1 delegate, from Coonalpyn, in South Australia,

    * 2 delegates, from Bridgewater on Loddon and Cobden, in Victoria,

    * 1 delegate, from Thirlstane, in Tasmania, and

    * 1 delegate, from Woodanilling, in Western Australia.

“With agriculture crucially intertwined in the leading issues of the day; including climate change, water and the environment; and dominating headlines the world over, the NFF is excited to see our young farmers seize the opportunity to discuss ideas and share experiences with their international counterparts,” NFF President David Crombie said.

“From over 100 applications the NFF had just 10 places to fill, with young farmers and farming professionals from across Australia bringing diverse backgrounds and a passion to engage other young farmers from around the world to advance agriculture.

“Following the Congress, the NFF has also developed a four-day agricultural Study Tour of Argentina and Brazil, to give our delegates a unique first-hand perspective of different farm systems, while fostering a better understanding of issues such as international competition, global trade and local production techniques.

“Although we could choose only 10 delegates, we were impressed by the response from enthusiastic young farmers, all of whom are thoroughly involved in their local communities and passionate about the future of agriculture.”

International Federation of Agricultural Producers IFAP

 Young Farmers Committee - World Congress of Young Farmers

Queensland is one of the few places in that doesn’t have an active

 RY or JF Organisation in 2010 with exchange programs and members in constant contact through the Internet. Below you can explore the websites of many different JF, YF and RY organisations around the world as they are today and see what Queensland’s rural youth are missing out on in 2010.


Junior Farmers Canada


4-H USA on Facebook

National Rural Youth Assembly USA

4-H Japan  Over 1,000 Clubs

Japan - International 4-H exchangee programs are already established in Australia but so far only for student exchanges. It appears they could be happy to have 4-H or Rural Youth exchanges as well which they already have with the USA